Friday, August 29, 2008

Behind the Scene of my YM Shout Out Message

"kalo mau dapet hal yang baru, kita harus mau belajar ngelepasin hal yang lama. Dengan begitu, ada 'space' untuk hal2 yang baru itu.... *it's all about the basic thing, isn't it*"
"If you want to achieve new things in your life, you should learn how to release the old one. In that way, you create a 'space' for the new things.... *it's all about the basic thing, isn't it*"

Wednesday, 27 Aug 2008.
I was taking a leave for half day.
I've promised my friend to show him the bookstores in Singapore.
So, we've managed to see each other at CityHall.

It was not just the two of us. There were 4 of us. Me, Alain, Ray, and Tena. In my mind, i was going to show Alain some bookstores that i've found here. But, they'd already has a plan. So, i just came with them. Oyeah, there another one, Derren. I think he was one of the pastor here? *not sure about it anyway* :)

Derren drove his car, and we went to some hostels and hotels as well, to survey places to stay during Asian Conference 2008. We also went to Katong Laksa - East Coast. It was a nice laksa anyway. :)

Then, it's already 5.30 pm. I told Alen before that the bookstore will closed by 7pm. So, we've gotta go.
During the journey to the bookstore, we were sharing each other, what has happened lately into our life.
We've talked a lot of things until about 9pm.

He was shared about Heavenly Father Prayer.
Though i was heard that before, but i'm glad that he's got the revelation and the wisdom within him.

Thursday, 28 Aug 2008
It was just me. As usual, taking MRT from Braddel to Chinatown. As usual also, in between, i just grabbed my mobile, and read the e-bible. And thinking. Only about how we can prepare ourselves so that GOD can use us properly according to His plan.

Then, this whole idea *not the new one though*, comes in my mind. If you want a new things (talked about everything in our lifes, such as talents, money, times, chances, business, or whatever it is), then, you have to learn how to release the old one. The old one here, for me, is talking about whatever God has granted us, whatever He has given to us. Whether it is a wealth, health, money, talents, business, or whatever it is.

If we want to go to the next level, we've to be prepared to leave the previous level however comfort is the level.

We cannot keep every blessings that He has given to us, just for ourselves. It's selfish. It's childish. And it is conformed you that it will taking you to no-where. You will be stuck if you didn't do anything with your talents, with your time, with your money, your wisdom, your knowledge and with your-whatever.

It's like the vessel that taught to us so many-many times. It should be empty first before you can fill your vessel with the new one. :)

The more you give, the more you get.

The more you share your knowledge, the more you will get a new knowledge.
The more you give your time, the more you will get your time.
The more you give your money, the more you will get new money coming to you.
The more you give your precious one, the more you will get even the more precious that we could have never imagine before.

I don't know and may be will not know how is God's math. but it is the way it works.

hehe.. That's the beauty of living in God. haha...

am so glad that He found me in the first place...

Anyway, i'm so glad that i post that shout out.
I just found out, that somehow, the shout out works to bless others as well as it bless me.

Up to now, there's 3 person asked me about my shout out.
And at the end, am glad that people blessed with it.
But guys, you know what, i'm also blessed that u've talked with me, so that i knew that it works! hehe...

Have a nice weekend all of u....


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