Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Green Day ?

It was on Sunday, 24th August 2008.

We were going to church as usual *We in here,representing me, nita and merry*. Because it was the SOT *School of Theology* Graduation Day, so CHC combined 2 services become 1 service only. A lot of people will come to the service. So, we came earlier. We sat in the row that has been reserved for us.

Then in the middle of the service, pastor Kong said to us to have a chit chat with people around us. Because i was sitting around Indonesian people, so, we just had a non-sense chitchat. But after 1 minute, i've already didn't know what else to talk about. So, then we turn back to the people who sat behind us, and then just saying "Hi!".

Then it happened that we know that there's a girl who just came for the first time in the church. She is Japanese girl. Then Merry told her that we have a Japanese friend also. We will introduce him with her after the service. :D *hehe, actually he is an Indonesian who's happened to live in Japan for about 5 years, so he can speak Japanese fluently*

After the service, i called my friend to come over our place. That time, we sat on different stage because of the crowd. His name is Handra. Then he come over to our place. We introduce him to her. O ya, her name is MIDORI *green in english. that's why the title is called Green Day because that sunday is Midori's day. :)*

We've invited her to have lunch with us. Since we want to eat at bugis, and she happened to stay at hostels around Bugis Village, so we just walked with her to go to her hostel first to check in and put her bags. After that, we went to a FISH SOUP restaurant. It was very delicious.... hmmm....yummy...hehe...

Full already.

Actually, what i've planned before was going home after the service. but considering that we've just made a new friend, who dunno about spore, so we decided to walk with her and be so called a 'tour guide' for her. ^^ what a nice friends i have.... :D

We went to Vivo City. Show her how to go to Sentosa Island. See the Merlion Statue from Vivo... :D
We also showed her a traditional breakfast and snack in Singapore. Kaya toast, boiling eggs and tea *tea with sugar and milk*. She liked it. Hehe...

Then after having some chitchat at Wang, i bring her back to Bugis.

It's really nice to meet u Midori.. hehe...look like that i made friend with my first Japanese friend now... :)
Anyway, i'm amazed with her courage to travel alone. It's look like i was amazed with Ime too..... a woman, travel alone, and be a backpacker. Salute to both of you.

nb: she also taught me how to write my name in hiragana and katakana.... hehe. Also she said that my chinese [美玲] name is Mizuzu if spoken in Japanese. *Is it mizuzu? I cannot remember it...hahaha...please correct me if i am wrong.*

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