Monday, September 01, 2008

After Service with ICG2


today, after the service, we went to Chinatown.
Having our lunch there at Smith Street, ^^

From Left to Right: Me, Vero, Hendra, Tulus, Rusi, Lina, Hendi

Then, after we had our lunch, we went to travel agents because my friend want to know about tour package.
So, we walked to Mosque Street then to Hong Lim Park.

Having a dessert. And then went to Funan.

After walking for sometime, we've finally decided to take a seat first. and having Teh Tarik and Prata. hahaha...

So, there we were. In the 4th level of Funan, having our prata and teh tarik.

From Left to Right Up: Hendi, Me, Handra
From Left to Right Bottom: Tulus, Rusi, Hendra

It's very nice to get along with u all guys.... ^^


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