Thursday, August 21, 2008

Living in Light of Eternity

Festival of Praise 2008 - Mark Connel

Hi, as i've written before, i'll write the sermon that i heard on FOP 2008.

Psalms 29 --> talking about living in the light of eternity.
James 4 --> talking about that life is short. Live is like a mist, so live it for the Lord only.

1 John 2:15-16 - Value of the WORLD
- Live in Pleasure (FUN)
- Pride from Wealth (PRESTIGE/TO BE POPULAR)

Rome 12:12 , 1 John 1:17, 1 John 2:17

Ecclesiastes --> Solomon said that everything is empty, vanity.

3 Things that have eternal value:
1. Knowing God - will last for eternity
Being a friend of God. Talking with Him, listen to Him, sharing things together, spending time with Him.
Luv God with all of your heart.

2. Love People
Love ur neighbour as you love yourself.
Love is more important for eternity. Faith, hope and love. The greatest is love.
We treat people same as the value that we have.
Love the people
Ministry is always about the people/

3. Invest your time, talents and resources in the work of God.
Ephesian 2:10. We are saved by God to do some good works. We are here to make difference.
Being a servant! Don't be so selfish.

Hehe, that's all..

I know that is not complete anyway...It was my note.... and my conclusion. hoho..
Hope u're blessed.

gbu all,

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