Sunday, August 24, 2008



After about 5 months working here in Singapore, finally i make a trip to overseas. The cheapest trip to overseas i think. Only 90 cents Singapore Dollar and 90 Ringgit Malaysia *it means about Rp.5500,- and Rp2900,-* huehehe... and it takes only about 15 minutes ++ for the trip.

I knew it cannot count to be something that i have to be proud of. But i do really love the trip! Hehe...

Actually, quite some time already, me and some of my friends, have planned to have a trip to Johor Bahru, even if some also tell us that there's nothing much to see in JB. But because i do love traveling, so i don't even care if there's nothing much to see. For me, at least i knew it, and i have ever been there. :) Then it will be a new experience for me.

So, last week, i talked to my friends about our plan going to JB. then they agreed to go along to JB. Then after few days, i just asked another friends to join us. Finally, there are 6 of us today. Handra, Hendi, Merry, Lina, Yanti, and Me. ^^ They're my cell group friends.

Starting from Kranji at 11am ++, *actually we should meet at 10.30 hehe*, we're taking a bus. CW01. Then we arrived at the Immigration. Taking another bus. Then passing the Custom. Then, here we are. At JB.

Anyway, i just knew that it will be better for us just having S$ with us then exchange it in RM. The exchange rate is better in Malay. :). So, if u want to go to JB from Spore, i think u should not change it here.

At JB, just going to JusCo, Tebrau City *? is it correct? hehe*, one of the mall at JB. It's quite ok to walk there. We buy WALL-E tickets, have lunch, some of us go to Hairdresser, some of us just walking around the mall.

15.45. We were watching Wall-E until about more than 5pm.
Buy towel, gifts, mooncakes, then we're going to Situanglaut *didn't remember the name, hehe* to eat seafood.

The taste is not that delicious as in Newton or Indonesia..but it is cheap. hoho....
Remember that there're 6 of us. And we just spend RM 92 for all of us. It means we just spent about RM15 per person.
We ate Kangkung Saus Tiram, Sotong Goreng Tepung, Ketam *kepiting* Asam Manis, Pari Bakar, Lime Steamed Fish *the soup is delicious*, Rice, Tea.

Oh no...i'm very sleepy. Yet there's something to do.
Gotta go



  1. cieeeee... yang just had a trip to Johor Baru :P

  2. huahahahahaha.....murahhhhh luar negeri cuman 5500 rupiah...hahaha....


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