Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hand mime

Great Day,

i just find a creative people that are doing hand mime...
i thought it's REALLY AMAZING!

it is what i can call a TEAM!

One is never enough for a team. And these people, they even don't care much about themselves to be put in the spotlight.
People cannot see who played the main actor. ALL peoples take part in order to create this beautiful hand mime.
All of them together hand in hand (literally) creating this beautiful art.

I wish i can do it for a ministry next time. ^^

See the video below.

gbu and have a nice day!

ruth sophia

Friday, October 23, 2009

multiplication without calculator...wanna give it a try??

hi, one of my friend in plurkville just shared a link.
indeed, i was so amazed with the way they do the multiplication.


gbu ♥,
ruth sophia

Thursday, October 22, 2009

quiz :Which Chickenstrip Character Are You?


today, after i follow chickenstrip blog so many days already (dunno how many months actually), i decided to join the quiz.
Which Chickenstrip Character are you? And the result is : I am the "Si Boss"

enjoy your day! god bless u

nb: anyway, this Chickenstrip blog is very entertaining. and it was made by Indonesian ^^

click here to go to ChickenStrip Blog.

Which Chickenstrip Character Are You?
Your Result: Si Boss

Anda adalah orang yang rapih, bijak dan teratur, patuh pada peraturan. Sering mengambil posisi sebagi yang dituakan tanpa sadar karena berusaha menjadi pemimpin yang baik.
Si Ayam

Boy Suresh

Dadan Bulu

Which Chickenstrip Character Are You?
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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Note From the Past

God who is WISDOM
knew you before you were born,
formed you,
died for you,
and chose to you
your eternal life & love

what wisdom!

Puji Tuhan

Ian Stehbens
Nongkojajar 2000

Nb: Ian Stehbens is one of the speaker that have a great heart like a father. He is such a good person. I met him at Nongkojajar, in year of 2000. He write this note for me. Hope it will be a blessing for yours to, as it is have blessed me so much.

Oya, tell you a secret. I dunno why, but after ages not touch my indonesian bible, today, i coincidental put the bible into my bag. haha..i get surprised when i reached mrt station cause i saw my bible there, just inside my bag.