Friday, August 29, 2008

Behind the Scene of my YM Shout Out Message

"kalo mau dapet hal yang baru, kita harus mau belajar ngelepasin hal yang lama. Dengan begitu, ada 'space' untuk hal2 yang baru itu.... *it's all about the basic thing, isn't it*"
"If you want to achieve new things in your life, you should learn how to release the old one. In that way, you create a 'space' for the new things.... *it's all about the basic thing, isn't it*"

Wednesday, 27 Aug 2008.
I was taking a leave for half day.
I've promised my friend to show him the bookstores in Singapore.
So, we've managed to see each other at CityHall.

It was not just the two of us. There were 4 of us. Me, Alain, Ray, and Tena. In my mind, i was going to show Alain some bookstores that i've found here. But, they'd already has a plan. So, i just came with them. Oyeah, there another one, Derren. I think he was one of the pastor here? *not sure about it anyway* :)

Derren drove his car, and we went to some hostels and hotels as well, to survey places to stay during Asian Conference 2008. We also went to Katong Laksa - East Coast. It was a nice laksa anyway. :)

Then, it's already 5.30 pm. I told Alen before that the bookstore will closed by 7pm. So, we've gotta go.
During the journey to the bookstore, we were sharing each other, what has happened lately into our life.
We've talked a lot of things until about 9pm.

He was shared about Heavenly Father Prayer.
Though i was heard that before, but i'm glad that he's got the revelation and the wisdom within him.

Thursday, 28 Aug 2008
It was just me. As usual, taking MRT from Braddel to Chinatown. As usual also, in between, i just grabbed my mobile, and read the e-bible. And thinking. Only about how we can prepare ourselves so that GOD can use us properly according to His plan.

Then, this whole idea *not the new one though*, comes in my mind. If you want a new things (talked about everything in our lifes, such as talents, money, times, chances, business, or whatever it is), then, you have to learn how to release the old one. The old one here, for me, is talking about whatever God has granted us, whatever He has given to us. Whether it is a wealth, health, money, talents, business, or whatever it is.

If we want to go to the next level, we've to be prepared to leave the previous level however comfort is the level.

We cannot keep every blessings that He has given to us, just for ourselves. It's selfish. It's childish. And it is conformed you that it will taking you to no-where. You will be stuck if you didn't do anything with your talents, with your time, with your money, your wisdom, your knowledge and with your-whatever.

It's like the vessel that taught to us so many-many times. It should be empty first before you can fill your vessel with the new one. :)

The more you give, the more you get.

The more you share your knowledge, the more you will get a new knowledge.
The more you give your time, the more you will get your time.
The more you give your money, the more you will get new money coming to you.
The more you give your precious one, the more you will get even the more precious that we could have never imagine before.

I don't know and may be will not know how is God's math. but it is the way it works.

hehe.. That's the beauty of living in God. haha...

am so glad that He found me in the first place...

Anyway, i'm so glad that i post that shout out.
I just found out, that somehow, the shout out works to bless others as well as it bless me.

Up to now, there's 3 person asked me about my shout out.
And at the end, am glad that people blessed with it.
But guys, you know what, i'm also blessed that u've talked with me, so that i knew that it works! hehe...

Have a nice weekend all of u....


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


One day, after registered SingPass in ICA, i decided to walk back to my office. It looked quite near.

I walked all the way.

Then i saw it.

An office with an Ogilvy signature. Then, i was just thinking, 'Oo..found it. Finally i knew where is Ogilvy's office. It will be very nice if i know someone inside and take a look at the office inside'.

Then..the day passed. I think it has been more than a month then.

Few days ago, my friend from Indonesian Cell Group drop email in the mailing list said that her friend need some Indonesian friend for a Focus Group Discussion. In the middle of my daily routine, i send an email to her friend without any serious purpose. I think it will be fun to involve in such Focus Group Discussion.

They reply me and tell me that i can be involved in the Focus Group Discussion. When i first read their email, i was surprised that it was located in the Ogilvy Building. So, today, finally i can entered that building. And knowing someone who's working inside.

Anyway, today is a wonderful day for me. I get to know some new friends from Indonesia with different background.

uhmm, somehow, i've been reminded by this situation, that He's there, is listening and will make all things beautiful in His time.

gbu all,

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Green Day ?

It was on Sunday, 24th August 2008.

We were going to church as usual *We in here,representing me, nita and merry*. Because it was the SOT *School of Theology* Graduation Day, so CHC combined 2 services become 1 service only. A lot of people will come to the service. So, we came earlier. We sat in the row that has been reserved for us.

Then in the middle of the service, pastor Kong said to us to have a chit chat with people around us. Because i was sitting around Indonesian people, so, we just had a non-sense chitchat. But after 1 minute, i've already didn't know what else to talk about. So, then we turn back to the people who sat behind us, and then just saying "Hi!".

Then it happened that we know that there's a girl who just came for the first time in the church. She is Japanese girl. Then Merry told her that we have a Japanese friend also. We will introduce him with her after the service. :D *hehe, actually he is an Indonesian who's happened to live in Japan for about 5 years, so he can speak Japanese fluently*

After the service, i called my friend to come over our place. That time, we sat on different stage because of the crowd. His name is Handra. Then he come over to our place. We introduce him to her. O ya, her name is MIDORI *green in english. that's why the title is called Green Day because that sunday is Midori's day. :)*

We've invited her to have lunch with us. Since we want to eat at bugis, and she happened to stay at hostels around Bugis Village, so we just walked with her to go to her hostel first to check in and put her bags. After that, we went to a FISH SOUP restaurant. It was very delicious.... hmmm....yummy...hehe...

Full already.

Actually, what i've planned before was going home after the service. but considering that we've just made a new friend, who dunno about spore, so we decided to walk with her and be so called a 'tour guide' for her. ^^ what a nice friends i have.... :D

We went to Vivo City. Show her how to go to Sentosa Island. See the Merlion Statue from Vivo... :D
We also showed her a traditional breakfast and snack in Singapore. Kaya toast, boiling eggs and tea *tea with sugar and milk*. She liked it. Hehe...

Then after having some chitchat at Wang, i bring her back to Bugis.

It's really nice to meet u Midori.. hehe...look like that i made friend with my first Japanese friend now... :)
Anyway, i'm amazed with her courage to travel alone. It's look like i was amazed with Ime too..... a woman, travel alone, and be a backpacker. Salute to both of you.

nb: she also taught me how to write my name in hiragana and katakana.... hehe. Also she said that my chinese [美玲] name is Mizuzu if spoken in Japanese. *Is it mizuzu? I cannot remember it...hahaha...please correct me if i am wrong.*

Sunday, August 24, 2008



After about 5 months working here in Singapore, finally i make a trip to overseas. The cheapest trip to overseas i think. Only 90 cents Singapore Dollar and 90 Ringgit Malaysia *it means about Rp.5500,- and Rp2900,-* huehehe... and it takes only about 15 minutes ++ for the trip.

I knew it cannot count to be something that i have to be proud of. But i do really love the trip! Hehe...

Actually, quite some time already, me and some of my friends, have planned to have a trip to Johor Bahru, even if some also tell us that there's nothing much to see in JB. But because i do love traveling, so i don't even care if there's nothing much to see. For me, at least i knew it, and i have ever been there. :) Then it will be a new experience for me.

So, last week, i talked to my friends about our plan going to JB. then they agreed to go along to JB. Then after few days, i just asked another friends to join us. Finally, there are 6 of us today. Handra, Hendi, Merry, Lina, Yanti, and Me. ^^ They're my cell group friends.

Starting from Kranji at 11am ++, *actually we should meet at 10.30 hehe*, we're taking a bus. CW01. Then we arrived at the Immigration. Taking another bus. Then passing the Custom. Then, here we are. At JB.

Anyway, i just knew that it will be better for us just having S$ with us then exchange it in RM. The exchange rate is better in Malay. :). So, if u want to go to JB from Spore, i think u should not change it here.

At JB, just going to JusCo, Tebrau City *? is it correct? hehe*, one of the mall at JB. It's quite ok to walk there. We buy WALL-E tickets, have lunch, some of us go to Hairdresser, some of us just walking around the mall.

15.45. We were watching Wall-E until about more than 5pm.
Buy towel, gifts, mooncakes, then we're going to Situanglaut *didn't remember the name, hehe* to eat seafood.

The taste is not that delicious as in Newton or Indonesia..but it is cheap. hoho....
Remember that there're 6 of us. And we just spend RM 92 for all of us. It means we just spent about RM15 per person.
We ate Kangkung Saus Tiram, Sotong Goreng Tepung, Ketam *kepiting* Asam Manis, Pari Bakar, Lime Steamed Fish *the soup is delicious*, Rice, Tea.

Oh no...i'm very sleepy. Yet there's something to do.
Gotta go


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Living in Light of Eternity

Festival of Praise 2008 - Mark Connel

Hi, as i've written before, i'll write the sermon that i heard on FOP 2008.

Psalms 29 --> talking about living in the light of eternity.
James 4 --> talking about that life is short. Live is like a mist, so live it for the Lord only.

1 John 2:15-16 - Value of the WORLD
- Live in Pleasure (FUN)
- Pride from Wealth (PRESTIGE/TO BE POPULAR)

Rome 12:12 , 1 John 1:17, 1 John 2:17

Ecclesiastes --> Solomon said that everything is empty, vanity.

3 Things that have eternal value:
1. Knowing God - will last for eternity
Being a friend of God. Talking with Him, listen to Him, sharing things together, spending time with Him.
Luv God with all of your heart.

2. Love People
Love ur neighbour as you love yourself.
Love is more important for eternity. Faith, hope and love. The greatest is love.
We treat people same as the value that we have.
Love the people
Ministry is always about the people/

3. Invest your time, talents and resources in the work of God.
Ephesian 2:10. We are saved by God to do some good works. We are here to make difference.
Being a servant! Don't be so selfish.

Hehe, that's all..

I know that is not complete anyway...It was my note.... and my conclusion. hoho..
Hope u're blessed.

gbu all,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A & S yang tak terpisahkan

Tahu ngga...

dalam perjalanan hidupku, ada banyak A yang datang di dalam hidupku.

yang pertama adalah A yang paling setia dan paling sayang ama aku.

Ia telah muncul bahkan semenjak aku belum dilahirkan, dan sudah sayang ama aku, dan sampe selama-lamanya dan selama-lamanya Ia akan tetep sayang ama aku. Ia selalu dapat menemukan aku, bahkan ketika aku bersembunyi di tempat yang paling gelap sekalipun. Aku heran. Dia selalu bisa tahu aku ada dimana, dan selalu tahu, apa yang ada di benak maupun perasaanku.

A yang kedua, muncul pas aku SMP..hoho..masi kecil gitu rasae kalo dipikir2 sekarang.
A2 suka banget maen basket. Dia, ga terlalu ganteng, badannya agak sedikit gede..tapi aku suka. Dia wangi. haha... kalo pas pulang dari sekolah, dia selalu nggodai orang gitu...hehe...tapi dia beda kepercayaan ma aku. Terakhir ketemu pas taon lalu kali ya.. dia sekarang mengelola toko. Eh, tapi tetap tampan dan wangi haha... *ini anak pertama bilangnya ga ganteng, skrg tampan..haha..*

A yang ketiga, muncul pas aku SMA. Dia adalah orang yg pertama kali "nembak" aku, dan aku ga nyangka. Soalnya dia ini termasuk temen baekku. Aku suka ama dia sbg temen. Tapi untuk lebih dr temen? Aku harus berpikir dan berpikir. After a month...trus akirnya aku bilang "iya". So, he was my first boyfriend.
Tapi, karena aku sendiri ga pernah yakin, akhirnya aku putus dengan si A3. Oya, btw, A3 ini udah married..sayang banget aku pas dah di spore..jadi ga isa dtg ke nikahnya dia..hukhuk....pdhl pengen liat istrinya.. :D istrinya cakep lho...hehe...

Oya, benernya ada juga A tiga setengah. hoho.. males ngganti udahan.. *ini revised edition, hehe* A3.5 ini adalah sahabatku. sahabat deketku. kita maen voli bareng...hoho...aku inget, pas lomba, aku serve bola dan "woooshhh"... bola dengan indahnya mendarat di punggungnya...duhkah..sakit banget pastinya. maap ya...
hehe....sempet aku menjauh dari dia...tapi akirnya, kita berbaikan lagi. sampe skarang, *udah jarang sih*, tapi kita masi pigi bareng. Kadang masi cerita-cerita hal2 pribadi kalo pas ketemu...hoho... she's a great woman though...

*end of revised*

A yang keempat, muncul pas aku kuliah. Dia pria yang baek. tapi.. bukan tipeku. Setelah berteman selama kurang lebih 4-6 bulan, akirnya jadian juga. :">. Sayang lho ama dia. trus karena suatu masalah, setelah jalan sekitar 2 taonan, akirnya kami putus. Tapi kami masi bersahabat sampe sekarang. Hehe. Bentar lagi juga dia mau kesini. Dolan. Tapi ama dia udah bener2 sayang sebagai sahabat dan saudara. Aku tahu sekarang, perbedaan sayang antara saudara dan kekasih. hehe..

Beberapa hari yang lalu cecenya sempet sakit, dan ga tau napa, tiba-tiba aku jadi sedih banget..tapi justru dari sini aku tahu. aku dah nganggep mereka sebagai bagian dari keluargaku sendiri.
Aku belajar banyak dari keluarganya A4 ini. Belajar tentang arti sebuah keluarga, tentang how to be firm, tentang memberi dan banyak lagi. Dia dan keluarganya telah menjadi berkat buat kehidupanku. Sekalipun sebenernya aku juga udah jarang hubungan ama mereka, tp masi bisa nyambung lah pas ngobrol ama mereka. hehe....

*revised edition lagi*

A 4.5. kenal karena aku harus jadi tutornya. hoho. very2 GREAT woman. she's published her own book. *ngirii..hahaha* sampe sekarang kita masi kontak2 an...meskipun jarak telah terpisah begitu jauh...hoho...
tapi kalo ada hal2 penting apa, kita masi saling share...
luv u sis

*end of revised*

A yang kelima, hadir ketika aku bekerja. Humppp...ternyata dalam tiap sesi kehidupanku ada A-A yang datang dan pergi. A5. Dia baek tapi dia ga pernah yakin untuk ada bersama-sama dengan aku. Dia sempet deket ama aku. Tapi sekarang dia memutuskan untuk putus hubungan. Dia memutuskan untuk pergi dari kehidupanku. btw, ini satu2 nya A yang cukup deket dan kemudian hubungannya menjadi tidak baek. tidak seperti A-A yang lain. :D tapi aku sih tetep berharap, suatu saat kami bisa deket lagi.. abis..dia dah kayak sodara sendiri *lebih deket dari sodara bahkan*. Jadinya sekarang ini, aku kayak lg "dibuang" ama sodaraku sendiri...

jadi doain ya, spy hubungan kami membaik..sama seperti A-A lain yg pernah muncul dalam hidupku..hehe

Oya...ada satu lagi A yang muncul. A ke enam. A6 ini muncul pas aku di spore. temen lama pas sma dan kuliah. tapi baru bener2 deket pas di spore. haha. dan kami mulai berbisnis bersama. hahaha....

Ooh...aku emang ga isa lepas dari inisial A&S.

gbu all,


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Festival of Praise 2008

Actually, i'm not that interested to come to Festival of Praise.

But, because there's no service, and have promised with my friends, so i made it.
Come to Kallang MRT, waiting for a friend.

First, i thought of taking a free shuttle bus that has been provided from the committee, but after saw the queue line. I changed my mind. and take a cab.

Haha... so not patient..

I did very sleepy and have no idea about what songs they were singing that day.
Anyhow, since i was there. so i made myself enjoy the praise ^^
Actually they were good. But it's me so not up to date. don't know new songs at all. hehe

and come to the preaching time.
It blessed me much.
So simple and practical.

Will let u know what is the sermon next time.
I didn't bring it now..

hoho *let's hope that i won't forget it later*



yang duduk disana
apakah kamu tahu
seberapa panjang waktu telah bergulir

ratusan ribu
bahkan puluhan ribu
ato jutaan detik telah terlewati

tetap duduk di tempat yang sama

Kapankah kita akan menggapai mimpi kita

yang kita perlukan hanya satu langkah kecil
sebuah langkah yang mungkin tak pasti
tapi langkah itu akan membawa dampak

ia akan merubah kehidupan kita