Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Festival of Praise 2008

Actually, i'm not that interested to come to Festival of Praise.

But, because there's no service, and have promised with my friends, so i made it.
Come to Kallang MRT, waiting for a friend.

First, i thought of taking a free shuttle bus that has been provided from the committee, but after saw the queue line. I changed my mind. and take a cab.

Haha... so not patient..

I did very sleepy and have no idea about what songs they were singing that day.
Anyhow, since i was there. so i made myself enjoy the praise ^^
Actually they were good. But it's me so not up to date. don't know new songs at all. hehe

and come to the preaching time.
It blessed me much.
So simple and practical.

Will let u know what is the sermon next time.
I didn't bring it now..

hoho *let's hope that i won't forget it later*



  1. emang lagu-lagunya baru banget yah?

  2. keliatannya..hikhik..
    tapi mgkn karena aku sendiri jg ga tau lagu baru udahan...


    tapi enak jg sih...jadi belajar lagu2 baru..hoho..

    lagu yg aku tau cuman "one way, Jesus, you're the only one that i could live for...One Way....dstdst"



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