Wednesday, August 27, 2008


One day, after registered SingPass in ICA, i decided to walk back to my office. It looked quite near.

I walked all the way.

Then i saw it.

An office with an Ogilvy signature. Then, i was just thinking, 'Oo..found it. Finally i knew where is Ogilvy's office. It will be very nice if i know someone inside and take a look at the office inside'.

Then..the day passed. I think it has been more than a month then.

Few days ago, my friend from Indonesian Cell Group drop email in the mailing list said that her friend need some Indonesian friend for a Focus Group Discussion. In the middle of my daily routine, i send an email to her friend without any serious purpose. I think it will be fun to involve in such Focus Group Discussion.

They reply me and tell me that i can be involved in the Focus Group Discussion. When i first read their email, i was surprised that it was located in the Ogilvy Building. So, today, finally i can entered that building. And knowing someone who's working inside.

Anyway, today is a wonderful day for me. I get to know some new friends from Indonesia with different background.

uhmm, somehow, i've been reminded by this situation, that He's there, is listening and will make all things beautiful in His time.

gbu all,

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