Friday, January 18, 2008

finally ^^

heppi nu year.....

uh oh.... very late now for saying that.
it's been 18 days after new year, yet it is the first time in this year i can write here.

Actually, there were a lot to write here, but somehow, when I sat down here, in front of my computer, want to write some of my journey here, Suddenly! I can not write any words.

My special presents from my Jesus is that I've been approved to work in Singapore. A place, where I was thinking that it just part of my dreams, but still God know what's the best for His daughter ^^

I am thinking. A lot of beautiful things He has done in my life, in my journey in life.
As long as we're patient and waiting, the RIGHT time will come.

One day, when I was a child, I was dreaming a lot.

1. The first one, I want to go to a bigger town (in this case, Surabaya. ^^ I was living in Tuban, a small city divide central and east java) . Then, because of my lack in seeing, I often go to Surabaya, to see a doctor off course. But, see the positive point? He granted my prayer.

2. When I grew up, there were vacation to the Surabaya Zoo with all of my friends in Kindergarten School. Actually, i don't really remember. But I think I was still a little one when this happened. But, unfortunately, my parents didn't allow me to go. So, when all of my friends were going to Surabaya Zoo, I was playing alone at home. *no! Not really alone.^^. I was living in a house, whereas the front of it was a shop. So, I was playing with the worker there.*
After that, I have a dream. A really simple dream. I want to go by BUS, not the tourism one . and I want to go to vacation with my friends.

He don't grant my prayer soon. After years. Yes, after years. After I have forgotten what I have asked, He suddenly (suddenly is in my side only, not in His ^^) granted my prayer. The first time I took a BUS, really a Bus along Tuban-Surabaya, with my brother and my cousin. I'm very excited at that time. I didn't really care about the issue that a bus is not a safe public car. I just knew that My Lord will guide me. :) I'm about 15 years that day. A student of Junior High School. But do you know what is happening after that? I'm traveling by bus so often. :)

Vacation with my friends? How about that? My parents didn't allow me to go with my friends. Years after that HE answered my wish. my Silent wish even.

3. Actually, I've never going over the island. So, I want to go to another islands. I want to visit a lot of islands outside Java. Let's say Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan, Menado, Sumatra, Irian. I want to go around Indonesia. Step by step God lead me to go. 3rd class of High School, the first time I went to Bali. My first trip across the sea to reach another island. Using a ferry. Really wonderful and exciting for me. After that, God sent me to Lombok, another time for Bali, Menado. But I know, He is not finished with me. There will be another islands.

4. I want to go by a TRAIN. Until I was graduated from High School, I've never go by a Train. I was going to Jogjakarta-Kaliurang for a retreat. It was my first train. And always I was very excited that I enjoy it very much. ^^. Still after the first experience, He is not finished with His plan. I'm traveling enough with train now. And still I will travel by train.

5. I want to fly with an airplane. I never had a flight until I almost achieved my Bachelor Degree. I was 23 years that time. My sister has been traveling by bus, by train, and even an airplane. But I never go by an airplane. After my first flight, God gimme so much blessing that about interval of 2 months, I will always have to fly. Until now.

6. I want to go abroad. My oldest sister ever go to Aussie for a homestay. My brother ever go to thailand for a tour trip. I was waiting for my turn. Then it was the time. My first flight. I was 23 years. It was my first time also to go abroad. I was going to Malaysia. Once I didn't believe that I was abroad. But then off course, I enjoy the trip. After that, at least once in a year, I was given a blessing, a special trip to go abroad. Really, they were all a BLESSING for me. These were His grace. really only by His grace.

7. I want to live abroad. Not a must. But dunno how. He listened to my silence pray. He granted my prayer. Rejoice!

8. I want to work abroad. When I was planning to go to Jakarta looking for a job, the offering was coming from Singapore. He met me with a good partner there.

Love You Lord for ALL the things You have done in my teshuva.

Jer 29:11 I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out--plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. (The Message)

Gbu all,