Monday, June 29, 2009

too good to be true

reading the judges really thrilled me away
read about how stubborn the Israelite that time.
read about how God handle the stubborness with His meekness.

He is truly too good to be true. Indeed, He is.

Though He said that He would not deliver them, yet when He found they were worshipping Him, once again His heart was touched. Thus HE raise His hand and deliver His people from their enemies.

Lord, really...
Am speechless in Your presence...
teach me to be humble
mold me as You want me to be
I would learn to be obedient to Your words

You are the God that will deliver Your people....
You are the God that set us free...
Lead me to lead your people..
Bring me to the center of Your heart
and let me know You more...

luv u Lord ♥

Sunday, June 28, 2009

in His plan

after sometimes
when we've grown up
we would realize that somehow life is not that simple
yet not that complicated

it's a matter of waiting for the right time
it's a matter of responding with the right attitude
it's a matter of being persistent and detailed.

life is not always what we want it to be
but life will always be what He want it to be

always trust Him no matter what.

with ♥

Friday, June 26, 2009

a simple to say, a hard to do

to say "Lord I'm willing to follow you wherever You may go" maybe simple.

Not to say that you are just say it out of the blue.
Nor to say that you are say it out of your emotion only.

when we said it. it is purely come from our sincerity.
nevertheless when the calling is come true, have u ever asked yourself honestly, "would i leave whatever i have right now?"

"Would i give ALL that i have now to serve HIM?"
"Would I be able to give up my money, my possession, my family, and else to follow Him?"

When we face the fact, yes, it seems so hard indeed. so many things suddenly pop up into our mind. And a lot of "what if" suddenly become familiar with our brains.

But, come to fact that He is in control. What we should do is being obedient.
Loving Him wholeheartedly, and everything will be added into your life.

♥ ruth ♥

Thursday, June 25, 2009

He still and will always be in control

you will ever have some time
where you feel like you are lost
you find yourself out of nowhere
and have no where to go.
as nothing else will worth for you.

you will ever have some time
where you feel like you are in heaven
everything is perfect and fit in its place
you are in your highest place
you feel that you are very blessed
you feel that you are the luckiest person in the whole universe.

in both situation
do remember
Your God is in control.
He is in control.

please, be humble. And keep your TRUST in him alone.


river festival - free river taxi ride

It's been quite some time for me watching the river taxi floating on the water. Sometimes, i took some pictures of them. But because of this River Festival, i could go on board Free of Charge. first, i thought it will be a long queue since it was a free ride. Later, we (yenny and me) found out that the queue was not that long, that we decided to queue after all. ^^

Thus, last sunday, 21 June 2009, finally i was inside the boat. ^^
Just a few minutes ride, but at least i knew how it feels. hoho..

oya, the other pics were part of the river festival. They have the boat parade.

will have the free duck boat next sunday....

gbu and ♥

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blood Donation and Song Fa Bakkut Teh


Actually, I would like to upload the scrapbook in flash, but somehow, i dunno how to do it. And because the page is already here, i decided to upload some images regarding the the topic above. (^-^)

Saturday, 20 June 2009. 12.05 (?)
It was the first time i did a blood donation at Singapore.
Previously, i only did it once in Indonesia. Haha. I got rejected twice. Once was because of the minimum weight, the other was because the low blood pressure.

When Henry texted me, actually i have told him that i may not be eligible to donate blood.
Somehow, after sometimes, i wanna give it a try. So, i texted my cellgroup's friend, named Billy, to ask him whether he want to donate his blood or not.

Since it was supposed to be very first time for him to donate blood, he would love to if there's someone accompany him. I agreed.

Here are some pictures that we took that day... ^^

anyway, i love the bandage very cute and adorable...♥

Me and Billy. see the bandage. green dinosaurs for men, pink with LOVE for ladies.

Boosting the energy by eating BAKKUT TEH hahaha..
see billy and hendi there

Thank you guys for spending the weekend with me ♥

While waiting the bakkut teh --- Take Photos!!

Handi was stopping by, and took the picture for us. Thanks Han.

Yup, the food is coming. Time to eat now.
But there is always a time to take a picture

yummy bakkut teh, and very soft....

not really remember which is which that we have order,
but the other bakkut teh is hard to chew hahaha..

you diao a.k.a cakue *in indonesia*,
very delicious to be eaten with bakkut teh..

And finally, i update my blog again.


need some sleep now

gbu and

ruth sophia

nb: if you would like to see the scrapbook, you can click here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

old not old

today, when i was on my way back, i saw one couple. An old one. They came with their son *i just think that it supposed to be their son anyway*.

I was amazed with the way the husband treated his wife. It was not packed in the mrt. Yet, he slowly touched his wife's hand, and hold it for quite a moment, before his wife let it go. Then, he did not disappointed after his wife let his hand go. he still continue showing his love by laid his hand at his wife's shoulder to embrace her.

It just for a few second. but it was beautiful. It's very rare to have the elderly showing their loves each other in front of the public, esp if they are so traditional. Salute for him. I wish and I hope that one day, when i'm reached that age, i still have the passion and the courage to show my love towards my beloved. hehe..

luv u much Lord,
ruth sophia

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Luv the Mini Car

I am not so into the car. But i'm sort of falling in love with the mini car.
Hehe. Once when i was walking across the church (yup, the church not a street :P), i saw this mini cute car that made me stop my step to watch it and tookthe picture of it.

Hoho, i luv it.

Back then, when the mini car started to be popular in Indonesia, i remembered that my comment was, "Wow, what car is that? like a toy. you can put a ribbon to the car and make it as a gift. It would be nice". hahahaha.

I don't event know what is the type of the car, yet i love the "vintage" touch of the car.
One day, i would love to drive and to possess it, hahaha.
Anyone to put the ribbon into the car and give it to me?

ruth sophia

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


finally i made up my blog appearance...

not much, but am getting used to its css.

will try to use 3 layout template in my new blog.
pray for me hahaha


gbu all ♥

Sunday, June 07, 2009


Today I was very tired. Doing mural all the day from 10am to 5pm.
Then, still I had to go to the church service at 5.30pm.

Thus, I will only post a new photo of mine. A finale pic of the mural that we have done today *6 june 09*, or call it yesterday by now.