Thursday, October 02, 2008

my precious one

This is my niece...

she is so cute and adorable. Peeps says that she is just like me *click to compare*...haha...
she is so smart and active...too much energy i think, or...nowadays kids are like that? :D

her name is caroline winney sutedjo.
I call her 'winne'
my younger sis call her 'siau cu' - as she is herself is 'ta cu' - big pig and small pig... :P
my youngest sis call her..'olin' just like her papa and mama..
my father and mother call her 'xiao wei' - her chinese name...

She herself, call herself 'olin' :D

i luv her much....much...

she will have a younger sister soon.... ^^

gbu all,

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