Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bible Study Class - 2


After absent for quite some times, i started to join the bible study class again yesterday.
Actually, i almost forgotten that yesterday is the first lesson to attend ^^
but my friend, merry, reminded me *hehehehe*

I took the Christian Lifestyle Class after thinking for a while. Actually, i haven't decide which class i want to attend.
then the book seller just told me to continue from the previous lesson - Getting Started. I thought, ok loh.
just continue what i have started.

And guess what?

I was taught by Yohandi. Again.
But it's ok loh...becoz his class is fast. hahaha....

Anyway. Why do i join this bible study class?
I just need to force my self to know more about Him
If i don't force myself to attend this bible study class, i will be less discipline.


Lord, i love You
with all my heart
Use me - as whatever You want me to be
teach me to be your humble disciple \(^-^)/

deeply in love,

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