Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another First Time

Ehmm...have i write about first time?

cannot remember at all. hehe. But since i've got so called "so and so First Time", so i just give it title "another first time".

Today, my agenda is a bit packed.
  1. Going to visit Yascho at National University Hospital (NUH).
  2. Going to IKEA Alexandra Rd to buy some stuff.
  3. Cycling to East Coast. i am writing,i've just realized that it is really a FIRST TIME for all activities i've done today. huehehe

  1. Today is the first time i went to NUH. It such a big hospital with playing ground for kids. hehe. I went with Elly, and another 2 girls. We met at Buona Vista MRT, and continue our journey by BUS no 95A.
    After we finished our visitation. Then we went separately. I went to no 2.
  2. Today is also my first time to go to IKEA. After more than 6 months living here, i have never been really going there. I was planning to go. But it never went into reality until today. :D
    From IKEA, i went home, and changed my clothes, put on my shoes and went to MRT. Then i went to no3.
  3. I was so late. I didn't know that there's many people waiting for us. hoho. am sorry my friends.
    Rusi, Lina, Hendi, Yoseph, Alex, Robert, Sally, Anita and me, went cycling today. It's also my first time to cycling and go to east coast. huahaha.....
And now, my foot all are very tired. Time to sleep now. Will go to church tomorrow.

cape dan binung mau nulis apa benere..haha


  1. this is the first time too..aku komen disini...hihihi

    so surprise liat namanya cesop di blog...
    aku ya kaget tyt ada juga yg mbacai tulisanku..

    thank you so much for your hug :)))
    it means a lot..really
    u r such a great listener n adviser :)

    God must be very proud to have u as HIS daughter :p

    ps: naek sepeda? hidupmu disana sungguh sehat c..hahahahahhaha

  2. huahahahaha.....

    iya iya...kaki sakit kabeh pernah sepedaan, trus sepedaan 2 jam lebih..haha...


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