Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Minang Resto near Arab St

"Where do we want to have our lunch?"

"Do we want to go to lunch? or not?"

"Hmm..off course we're going to have our lunch. Am hungry already.

"Then, where are we going?"

"No idea."


"What are we going to eat there?"

"Dunno. But sure a lot of food lah.."

Then after agreed, we went to Bugis. But off course, we still haven't decide where we are going to have our lunch there. After we arrived at Bugis MRT, then one of my friend *Tulus: not his real name*, asked us whether we want to eat padang food or not. About 5-10 minutes walking distance. So, there we go.... ^^

It was my first time, oops...sorry, 2nd time i went to Arab St. The first one was when i want to pick my ticket.
Here's the pics.... ^^

Enjoy and Gbu,


in between Minang Resto and Masjid Sultan.
from left to right: Tulus, Hendra, Lina, Me, Hendi, Handra.
photo taken by Eddi ^^

also between the Minang resto and Masjid Sultan.
from left to right: lina, hendra, cute and awesome me *hoho*, tulus, handra.
photo taken by: Hendi. Oops, where's eddi?

nb: for indonesian that like spicy padang food, here's the place. I think you must give it a try. no regrets. huahahaha....sambelnya mantap, dan jajanannya banyak dan enak2..haha.....delicious food, delicious dessert, delicious snacks.....also sell 'martabak bangka' *kalo versi Jakarta* ato 'terang bulan' *kalo versi surabaya dan sekitarnya, hehe*


  1. hahahahha... jelas delicious, Indonesian fooddddd *plok plok plok*

  2. iya iya....so delicious...haha...enak tenan...



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