Monday, June 29, 2009

too good to be true

reading the judges really thrilled me away
read about how stubborn the Israelite that time.
read about how God handle the stubborness with His meekness.

He is truly too good to be true. Indeed, He is.

Though He said that He would not deliver them, yet when He found they were worshipping Him, once again His heart was touched. Thus HE raise His hand and deliver His people from their enemies.

Lord, really...
Am speechless in Your presence...
teach me to be humble
mold me as You want me to be
I would learn to be obedient to Your words

You are the God that will deliver Your people....
You are the God that set us free...
Lead me to lead your people..
Bring me to the center of Your heart
and let me know You more...

luv u Lord ♥

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