Friday, June 26, 2009

a simple to say, a hard to do

to say "Lord I'm willing to follow you wherever You may go" maybe simple.

Not to say that you are just say it out of the blue.
Nor to say that you are say it out of your emotion only.

when we said it. it is purely come from our sincerity.
nevertheless when the calling is come true, have u ever asked yourself honestly, "would i leave whatever i have right now?"

"Would i give ALL that i have now to serve HIM?"
"Would I be able to give up my money, my possession, my family, and else to follow Him?"

When we face the fact, yes, it seems so hard indeed. so many things suddenly pop up into our mind. And a lot of "what if" suddenly become familiar with our brains.

But, come to fact that He is in control. What we should do is being obedient.
Loving Him wholeheartedly, and everything will be added into your life.

♥ ruth ♥


  1. to say "Lord I'm willing to follow you wherever You may go" maybe simple.

    setuju c klo it's hard to be done...
    ngmg e gampang...
    tapi klo uda waktunya diminta Tuhan utk follow Him..sometime it hurts...
    sometime....ada hal2 tertntu yg harus ditinggalin...

    *harus kuat* :)
    *harus bisa*

    abraham aja bisa..kenapa kita nggak? hehehe

  2. hehe..iya..hard to be done...

    AYOO...kuat len!
    pasti bisa kalo jalan bareng PAPA..hehehe

    kita pasti bisa..hahaha
    LANJUTKAN perjuangan kita haha


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