Sunday, June 21, 2009

old not old

today, when i was on my way back, i saw one couple. An old one. They came with their son *i just think that it supposed to be their son anyway*.

I was amazed with the way the husband treated his wife. It was not packed in the mrt. Yet, he slowly touched his wife's hand, and hold it for quite a moment, before his wife let it go. Then, he did not disappointed after his wife let his hand go. he still continue showing his love by laid his hand at his wife's shoulder to embrace her.

It just for a few second. but it was beautiful. It's very rare to have the elderly showing their loves each other in front of the public, esp if they are so traditional. Salute for him. I wish and I hope that one day, when i'm reached that age, i still have the passion and the courage to show my love towards my beloved. hehe..

luv u much Lord,
ruth sophia


  1. ♥‿♥ how romantic...iriii :p

  2. hihi..iya...romantis..pdhl aslie ya biasa..tapi jarang liat org seng wes tua gandengan tangan hohohoho


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