Monday, June 22, 2009

Blood Donation and Song Fa Bakkut Teh


Actually, I would like to upload the scrapbook in flash, but somehow, i dunno how to do it. And because the page is already here, i decided to upload some images regarding the the topic above. (^-^)

Saturday, 20 June 2009. 12.05 (?)
It was the first time i did a blood donation at Singapore.
Previously, i only did it once in Indonesia. Haha. I got rejected twice. Once was because of the minimum weight, the other was because the low blood pressure.

When Henry texted me, actually i have told him that i may not be eligible to donate blood.
Somehow, after sometimes, i wanna give it a try. So, i texted my cellgroup's friend, named Billy, to ask him whether he want to donate his blood or not.

Since it was supposed to be very first time for him to donate blood, he would love to if there's someone accompany him. I agreed.

Here are some pictures that we took that day... ^^

anyway, i love the bandage very cute and adorable...♥

Me and Billy. see the bandage. green dinosaurs for men, pink with LOVE for ladies.

Boosting the energy by eating BAKKUT TEH hahaha..
see billy and hendi there

Thank you guys for spending the weekend with me ♥

While waiting the bakkut teh --- Take Photos!!

Handi was stopping by, and took the picture for us. Thanks Han.

Yup, the food is coming. Time to eat now.
But there is always a time to take a picture

yummy bakkut teh, and very soft....

not really remember which is which that we have order,
but the other bakkut teh is hard to chew hahaha..

you diao a.k.a cakue *in indonesia*,
very delicious to be eaten with bakkut teh..

And finally, i update my blog again.


need some sleep now

gbu and

ruth sophia

nb: if you would like to see the scrapbook, you can click here.


  1. hehehe lucu yo bandage e
    btw ketoke enak iku bakut teh


  2. huehehe...

    iya lucu bandage e ^^

    bakkut teh e ya mayan enak, drpd seng di balestier. akeh merica e seh.. tapi seng satu e daginge uempukkk. hahaha

    tp lek katae temenku, enakan seng di KL katae. ^^

  3. mau ikut akuuu klo bandage e lucu gt ^^~

  4. ayyyoooo..ikutt..hahaa...
    coba ae ikut seng di HK. tp ndak tau podo apa ndak ^^

    km ndak mampir singapore sek ta?


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