Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Luv the Mini Car

I am not so into the car. But i'm sort of falling in love with the mini car.
Hehe. Once when i was walking across the church (yup, the church not a street :P), i saw this mini cute car that made me stop my step to watch it and tookthe picture of it.

Hoho, i luv it.

Back then, when the mini car started to be popular in Indonesia, i remembered that my comment was, "Wow, what car is that? like a toy. you can put a ribbon to the car and make it as a gift. It would be nice". hahahaha.

I don't event know what is the type of the car, yet i love the "vintage" touch of the car.
One day, i would love to drive and to possess it, hahaha.
Anyone to put the ribbon into the car and give it to me?

ruth sophia

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