Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hand mime

Great Day,

i just find a creative people that are doing hand mime...
i thought it's REALLY AMAZING!

it is what i can call a TEAM!

One is never enough for a team. And these people, they even don't care much about themselves to be put in the spotlight.
People cannot see who played the main actor. ALL peoples take part in order to create this beautiful hand mime.
All of them together hand in hand (literally) creating this beautiful art.

I wish i can do it for a ministry next time. ^^

See the video below.

gbu and have a nice day!

ruth sophia


  1. hi, juz dropped by :)

    the hand mime video is AWESOME.
    hope u hv enough people to make it happen.

    all the best 4u:)

  2. hi bee... ^^ thanks for coming and drop ur comment here hahaha...

    i hope i can find enough people too..




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