Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Note From the Past

God who is WISDOM
knew you before you were born,
formed you,
died for you,
and chose to you
your eternal life & love

what wisdom!

Puji Tuhan

Ian Stehbens
Nongkojajar 2000

Nb: Ian Stehbens is one of the speaker that have a great heart like a father. He is such a good person. I met him at Nongkojajar, in year of 2000. He write this note for me. Hope it will be a blessing for yours to, as it is have blessed me so much.

Oya, tell you a secret. I dunno why, but after ages not touch my indonesian bible, today, i coincidental put the bible into my bag. haha..i get surprised when i reached mrt station cause i saw my bible there, just inside my bag.

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