Thursday, October 22, 2009

quiz :Which Chickenstrip Character Are You?


today, after i follow chickenstrip blog so many days already (dunno how many months actually), i decided to join the quiz.
Which Chickenstrip Character are you? And the result is : I am the "Si Boss"

enjoy your day! god bless u

nb: anyway, this Chickenstrip blog is very entertaining. and it was made by Indonesian ^^

click here to go to ChickenStrip Blog.

Which Chickenstrip Character Are You?
Your Result: Si Boss

Anda adalah orang yang rapih, bijak dan teratur, patuh pada peraturan. Sering mengambil posisi sebagi yang dituakan tanpa sadar karena berusaha menjadi pemimpin yang baik.
Si Ayam

Boy Suresh

Dadan Bulu

Which Chickenstrip Character Are You?
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