Friday, November 13, 2009

mi father

This could be the first time i write about my father. 
Usually, i would write about my mum instead...
Coz my mom always inspire me so much...

The way she handles my father
The way she prays for my father (and whole family off course)
The way she raises up her children (total 5 children, and all are good hahaha..including me off course)
The way she loves me
The way she loves my father...

See..even i want to write about my father, i end up writing about my mum.. ^-^ 

Anyway, my father has just been touched with God's love *again* .
He could not pray, how hard he tried.
He could not worship, how hard he tried
He could not stop hurting God and my mum's heart, how hard he tried not to

Till one day, FATHER caught him and won't let him go

He is fast too angry and speak up whatever in his mind
Thus made him always end up in trouble.

Yesterday, he had to meet people for a negotiation. (my brother just "ngunduri" other people's car, but actually not much scratch. But the person however very angry to him that ask him to pay 10 millions rupiah. This man actually didn't see his car, he was outside town)

My father cannot stand to be shouted at. He will surely talk back.

So, before the meeting, he went to a mountain of prayer.
He prayed and seek God's advice.
Before he really left, my mum called him.
And told him to keep SILENCE whatever the person talked to him!
Also, my mom told him to keep PRAYING inside his heart, thus he can stay calm while facing the pressure from others.

Usually, my father won't keep silence. He will keep speak the bad words that made the other person would angry with him more.

But this time,  when the person shouted and angry to him. He, however, managed to keep silence and prayed the prayer my mum taught him, "Lord Jesus please help me, strengthened me, help me". He said that something was keep asking him to keep silence.

later on, his face becomes very red.

And then, the person slowly become calm and asked my father, "do you have hypertension?"
my father said, "yes,  i do"
other person, "do u want to see doctor? do u want me to send u to hospital for a check up?"
my father said."no need.."


anyway, the meeting end up with the person agreed to fix the car to my father's friend.
and it costs him only 800 thousands rupiah.(first time he asked 10 millions rupiah, remember..)

He told everything to my mum. and my mum said, "see, that's how Holy Spirit lead you."

Praise God that he want to obey the Holy Spirit that asked him to keep silence.

Anyway, 1 problem has solved. But i believe that this is only the beginning. He will surely guide my father to solve his other problems.

gbu always pa..
i <3 u much

thanks PAPA... ^-^


  1. loves the story...

    keren mama mu iki yo...


  2. hehehe..yo'i..great mother she is... ^^


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