Saturday, August 01, 2009

you are not alone...never

you are not alone
in every situation, good or bad

you are not alone
in every problems that you're facing now

you are not alone
though you feel that you are in the darkness

you are not alone
though you think that you are nothing

you are not alone
though you think that you are nobody

you are not alone
there is Me - who always here beside you

you are not alone
that's all what I want you to know

do you know that I will send my angels over you?
do you ever know that I am listening to your cry?
do you ever know that I love you so much thus I would never let u down?

From the highest mountain to the lowest depth of the earth.

I will.
love you.
more than you can ever think.
and imagine.

ps: you might know nothing about what is happening in your life now. but surely. I will show you My love, My power, and My best plan towards your life. Just believe in Me.

Abba Father


  1. though i know that im never alone,
    but sometimes that lonely feeling can't be erased that easy..

    :) but yes...we are NEVER alone...

  2. Amen!

    Salam revolusi romansa,
    Lex dePraxis

  3. Yes, we never alone...

    It's wonderful we have a faith even our mind say the opposite, isn't it?

  4. me if you feel that u're alone...hehehe...

    @Lex de Praxis...Amen... <3


  5. @csop: me too if you feel that too :)
    ps: i hev a feeling that in the next month, i will buzz u :p

    yes..i call it magical :p *like ur latest post*

  6. untung.. makin ke bawah.. ternyata teksnya beda.. tak kira lagune MJ, jeng :)

  7. @similkalagi..ealah jeng..ya ndak to..hahaha.
    aku ae lali lek lague MJ ada seng gini hahahaha

  8. @blue...hahaha..ok ok..i'll be ready to buzz and to be buzzed ... ^^


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