Friday, August 07, 2009

that's what he told me

Said the uncle to me

you should love your parents more
you should know and realise that their time is getting near by second
they might not always be there as we wish too
we might think that tomorrow will be the same another day as today.
but it is not.
they are getting older every second. As for us, we are not even getting any younger. ^-^

call them more
tell them how you love them

esp because you are miles away from them....

thank you uncle for remind me.


  1. Oh my God...this morning i had a little conflict with mom but it's over...i apologized to her and went to work. Then, i read this talks so deeply to me. Thank you so much for posting this...

  2. @jak..glad that this post can talk so deeply to you. hehe...glad that your conflict is over already ^-^

    Let's love our parents more!

  3. i love my parentss
    but seldom said that to them ><

    ok...should say it though my face will be turned to red!
    *kok isa kesi2 gt ya klo mo ngmg itu...* hihi


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