Thursday, July 09, 2009

life vs plurk

Lately, I've been thinking a lot ...
*hmm..not really*

I've been plurking for sometimes already..
And i've just anyhow find out that sometimes our life, our relationship with God is having merely the same concept with plurk.
Not 100% the same. but I did realize that i can learn something here.

Sometimes when you are plurking, it's just like another day. You plurk. And with or without you realize it or not, some karma will be added to yours.

If you stop to do the activity, if you stop plurking, then your Karma will be stagnant and then getting lowered.

Ok, i grabbed this rules from plurk.

Every plurker has his/her own karma value. It is recalculated every day and can be within these intervals:

  • 0.00 to 21.00: You are in the state of creation
  • 21.00 to 41.00: You are in the state of maintenance
  • 41.00 to 61.00: You are enlightened
  • 61.00 to 81.00: You are so close to Plurk Nirvana
  • 81.00 to 100.00: You have reached Plurk Nirvana!
High karma also gives you access to exclusive emoticons such as:

Some tips on getting more karma:

  • Updating your profile (picture, location, birth day etc.) will gain you more karma
  • Quality plurking each day
  • Responses from other plurkers will gain you karma.
Inviting your real friends will boost your karma

What will lower your karma:

  • Karma will be lowered if you request friendship and get rejected
  • Getting unfollowed by friends will lower your karma
  • Spamming other users will lower your karma
  • Inactivity for a long period will decrease your karma

A good rule of thumb is to plurk like you have something to say/share. Plurk spamming will only force your friends to unfollow you and trigger the negative karma effect.

Above, is the rules from Plurk.

Ok. So what is the relation with our life.

First, before we start our journey with Him, we meet Him and accept Him as our saviour. That's where our journey in life starts.
  • 0.00 to 21.00: You are in the state of creation
    So, we start our relationship with God from zero. We are in the state of creation. We want to know Him more. We start to do a research towards God. About who is He, what He want to do, what is His vision and mission, how to interact with Him.

    We curios about what will going to happen along the way. We create a new life line with Him.
  • 21.00 to 41.00: You are in the state of maintenance
    Ok. Since we have been faithful to Him, plurking everyday, thus our karma is increasing day by day. And this is the state that we should continue to maintain the karma that we've gained.

    So, here in this state. We go to church every week. We don't miss the servie. We go to the cellgroup as well. We've been doing so good.

  • 41.00 to 61.00: You are enlightened
    We are enlightened. we feel so blessed having a GREAT GOD like Jesus.
    We continue to plurk with Him. We update Him with our journey in life.

    We begin to used to plurk everyday. And we still have this goal. REACH PLURK NIRVANA!

    In this state, we received His vision and mission in our life. And surely we want to fulfill His purposes in our life.

  • 61.00 to 81.00: You are so close to Plurk Nirvana
    We work hard. We work hard for His Kingdom.
    We are so close with the fulfillment of His calling in our life.

    Thus we continue to pray, we continue to worship Him, we continue update Him with our life. We know that we are getting closer with HIS dreams.

  • 81.00 to 100.00: You have reached Plurk Nirvana!
    Yes. We have reached Plurk Nirvana. We have fulfilled one of our mission in life. We have fulfilled one of our purposes in life. Yet it is not the end.

    We have known Him for years, we might have known ALL the theories about God, we might have read the bibles so many times in life. We might have reached success. We might have annointed as the MOST succesfull MAN/WOMAN in our WORLD

    Yet, it's not the end. Maybe there's nothing more tangible for our rewards. But if we are faithful, do you know that your emoticons in life will always be there. The joy, the characters that has been built for years. It will remains there, only by a simple step.

    Keep Him updates with your life.
If we are trying to stop updating Him with our life (read: stop praying or having conversation with Him), surely we will lost our Karma. We will lost our love with Him. We will know Him no more.

So, i think here is the simple conclusion.


important note: in plurk, we can FREEZE our karma, but not in our relationship with Him.
We cannot freeze our emotion, our life....



  1. keren. kpikiran ae hahaha....

  2. woww ce sop.. peneliti plurk.. hehehe.. nice reading!

    ada tambahan.. do you know if karmas is above 90, karma gain is only +1 for every karma update (if u hv sumthin to say), kalo biasa2 karma masih dibawah nirvana kan naiknya bisa skali banyak..
    tp smakin tinggi karma, naiknya smakin susah..

    got what i mean kan?

    smakin kita dket Tuhan, smakin banyak pula cobaan2 yg kita hadapi.. tapi kita ttep harus tekun, dan dekat sm Tuhan, biar 'karma' kita naik trus.. hehe.

  3. oiya to? hahaha..aku ndak nyadar sampe segitunya..secara karma ku belum sampe 90 juga. huahaha..

    tenkiu for the info em....

    masi banyak yg belum dibahas sih.. ^^

    pengen bikin versi 2 e..hahahaha

    thanks for reading em..


  4. wew.. add gw ya Ivanmichaelmike ^_^


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