Monday, July 06, 2009

a journey to be a King

Being anointed to be a King, David was not directly being a King.
He was young when he was anointed to be a king.

There was a time that he had to play the harp for King Saul.
There was a time that he was being the escort of King Saul.
There was a time where he had to face the giant Goliath.
There was a time where he was being a fugitive. He had to run away from Saul.
There was a time where he pretended being insane. humiliated himself.
There was a time where he had to run to his nation's enemy for a refuge.

He's been through so many years.
He's been through so many trials
He's been through so many processes.

Yet, he proved it that he was being righteousness in everything he did.
Yet, he proved that he has a pure heart.
A heart that loving God more than anything.
A heart that are longing for God, no matter what.
A heart that really depends on HIM no matter what.

God, will surely processes you before He promotes/assigns you to the place/position that you've been anointed before.
Timing. Is always different from one to others.
For David, he took so many years before he achieved what has been promised to him.

The timing might be different for us. But surely, He will processes us before He can uses us.

Anyway, there was a time where David's followers were grieving and angry towards him. They wanted to throw the stones to him because they lost ALL of what they had. Their possession, their wives and children, and their livestock a well. (1 Sam 30:1-8)

What is the respond of David?
He went to God. He prayed. And he was
strengthened his heart to trust Him ever more. (1 Sam 30:6)
6David was greatly distressed, for the men spoke of stoning him because the souls of them all were bitterly grieved, each man for his sons and daughters. But David encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord his God (Amplified)

(^-^) thus, in whatever time we are now, please, do strengthened your heart to TRUST HIM evermore.
It's our part to strengthen our heart. It's not His part. It's our part.
He will surely hear you and take care of yours.

gbu and ♥


  1. jadi inget aku minjem bukumu blum tak balekno hehee
    lebi tpat blum mari si mbacane hahaha
    tak marikno aaah
    anyways, love this post so much

  2. haha...


    still have to learn a lot from him though..


    apik lo itu pdhl bukue..Daud to?
    tipis sisan..

    gbu 2

  3. love love love love this post.....♥
    agree with juw...

    baca post ini...ngingetin lagi..
    untuk tetep kuat...
    untuk tetep percaya klo goliat apapun bisa dikalahin dlm Tuhan...

    tengkiuu ♥

    ws smp haruse ini kann???
    :) miss u c.......
    tataunggu d hkg lo ya!! hehehe

    btw...please update my blog link

    takecare cesopppp ~ *hugs*

  4. wes sampe len hehehehe...
    tenkiu tenkiu...

    iya..tungguen ya, nti kontak2 lah lek pas aku maue berangkat :P..hahaha...

    re: ur blog. noted and updated already..hehe...

    you too...please takecare....*hug*

    oya, ini langsung dibacai akeh ya hahahahaa *jadi malu* hahaha


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