Thursday, January 15, 2009

a New Year a New Resolution, yet...a new chance

Heppi Niu Year 2009.

Too late huh?
It' s in the mid of the first month already. But, I have posted my merry elf-mas...So, you cannot blame me if I only happened to say it now. hahaha...

Anyway, it's not important.

Today, mm...actually not only today. Lately, I didn't even know when it start, but i feel miserable without knowing any reason. It is just feeling uneasy out of the blue.

Lord, I do really need you. I don't know what is this feeling inside my heart. I cannot think. I cannot imagine any probability that could happen. I just can surrender to you. ALL OUT.

I was in the middle of nowhere when one email landed into my inbox.

I read the email.
Sentence by sentence.
Word by word.
Alphabet by alphabet.

I try to think over it with my tiny little brain, yet I cannot fully understand.

Then, i come to one conclusion.

Being a LEADER is not easy.

It is not because you are appointed as a leader, then you will become a leader.
It needs more than that.

Being in the first place that there's no one guide you. Instead, you have to try your best to direct the people under you.To let the vision alive in the hearts of the members. It can be very frustrated, moreover if there's really no one beside you.

It seems that you have a power, but you don't really have that power. Someone still controlling you.
In a time like this, i do feel discouraged and trembled.
But what i can do is talking to my spirit, be strong and take courage.
Your God, will never ever let u down.
He controls the situation you are in, now, this moment.

Trust Him.


Lord Jesus,
thank you for everything.
please, strengthened me.
I know that You are open the way for me.


oya...taon baru, ganti font baru..hahaha *ga penting*

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