Friday, December 26, 2008

a new baby born

*this is winney's pic, 2 years old da jie*

huehehehe.... last night, my sisters and my mom call me for the xmas time.

They told me that my biggest sist will give birth soon. But, they still don't know when is the time.

At midnight. Suddenly a message come into my inbox. "Sudah bukaan 5". Hmm..we've all got very excited. And the one who's very excited is winney, who is "da jie" wannabe. hahaha...

My sister, nung, sms me that winney walking around out of the blue. Wow, she is very cute baby isn't she?
She is worried about my sist, which is her mom.

1.30 am (singapore time). the new baby was born. hoho....a girl..hehe
They haven't prepared any name. So, until i write this note, the baby is still a baby without a name. hahaha...

Today, out of my curiosity, i called my brother in law to congratz him.

Then i called nung, which is with my jiejie at the moment.

The baby is 3,6 kg, and 52 cm height. a bit small then her "da jie". Winney is 3,73 kg and 52 cm height *if i am not wrong :P*

I asked her about what winney do yesterday. It was very very awesome hahahaha...

It was in the hospital.

When winney saw her mother in pain, she was terrible worried about her mom. She started to walk from side to side, from corner to corner.
Nung asked her to go out from the birthing room. She agreed.

Then they were waiting outside.
That lil winney started to walk around out of the blue again. hahaha... she was walking around my sista *nung*. And then, walking back in front of the birthing room, act as she can read the word in the door. She is 2 years old anyway. haha...

Then, she was walking back to nung. Walking around nung. Walking from side to side. Walking back to to the door of the birthing room. Look up the door as she could read again. Then walking back to nung. Grab nung's rosario and have it hang in her neck. Walking around. And started to ask "Mau. Mau. Minta Mama. Mamaa....Mau Mama". She started asking about her mom.

Coz, it is not the time to give birth yet, nung brought her to her mom. Winney was sitting beside her mom's bed. And holding her mom's hand and talking to her, "Makan yang banyak ya..." *eat a lot mom*.

Hehehehe... so cute of her....i love her so much ♥-♥

Then, after a while. She slept before her sister's born. She slept in worried. But somehow, right after her sister was born, she started to smile in her slept. huehehehe...

i ♥ my winney.... anyway, Lord Jesus, thank you for your blessing this xmas time.

♥ luv U much ♥

gbu all,


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