Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pengen Marah

aku bener-bener peennngggeeeeennnnn banget marah

I've tried to do my best, I've tried to give the best for them, yet, i feel that they're not supporting me.
I've tried to make my boss to trust them. But, however, the action talk louder than the words, is it?
No matter how hard i try to convinced my boss, but if they are not reacting the correct way, how can i convinced?

He is already lost his believe in you guys.

I'm totally lost.

However, i just can cry with Him alone.
and try to trust in HIM. I cannot trust you guys any further, i just want to put my trust in Jesus alone.

Please, i give it all to You Lord....
above all, teach me to be Your humble servant *it's hurt...really. it's not easy to be a servant*

strengthened me pliz...

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