Saturday, June 21, 2008

CJ7 - Cheung Gong 7 Hou

Actually it's not a big deal.

February 2008.
It was when i went to bangkok and spore. I saw CJ7 title in every cinema I went that time.

I was so curious, what it's all about. It seems about E.T or something about space things.

Anyway. Today, cause I just want to spend my weekend at home, do some work and do watch movie, then i decided to go to and search some movies there. And i found it. CJ7.

Then i read a little about the sypnosis. I find out that the director is Stephen Chow. Hmmm... hehe, then, i think it will be quite fun to watch the movie.

You know, somehow, when i started to watch the film, it was when Stephen Chow show up. I do remember my brother. T_T i miss him.

I miss his kindness, I miss his smile, I miss his laugh. I miss the way he think optimistically.
As i watch the movies, it really make me feel that i saw him.

You know, people said that my brother and Stephen Chow is merely has the same face, same body, and they act the same way. Somehow, one of my aunt, she will ring the phone just to tell my mom, that she saw my brother when Stephen Chow is acting in the television. hehe

I did saw him in his figure on this film. He is so poor yet look old. But, he still have a faith to make a changes for his son life.
The way he tried to do the right things. The way he works hard to make a living.
I knew, not all are the same. But, i knew that actually my brother do have a kindhearted like mr chow did in the movie. I love the part that he was working so hard, and sending his son to a good school, just to make a changes in his son's life. That his son will become a better person and have a better life.

The way he talk to his son, that even they're poor, they have to live in the right way. don't fight, don't lie, don't take anything belongs to other, and people will respect with them.

I tell you what, i cried when i watched this film...haha...
i cried when stephen chow was falling down from the building construction.

You know, sometimes, when we think that everything is fit in it's place the suddenly it breaks into pieces.
That time, his boss was giving him a bonus even they had an argument the day before. the boss even fired him yesterday. But, this day, his boss gives him a bonus for him that he can buy candy or book or whatever for his son. And he is not fired.

Then, one of his colleague made a mistake. He's trapped into the rope, and fall down. He's dead.

After that, because it is a CJ7 film. You can guess that, CJ7 will replace his place. It made him alive. CJ7 do the best it can do to make him alive. Then it died.

When they found that CJ7 is died. they tried to make it alive again. But whatever they do, they cannot make it alive.
But the life must go on. Finally they can overcome the sadness. And guess what? CJ7 comes again, alive, and it comes along all the way with its friends.

anyhow, this film is touching. The way the father love the son, and will give everything to his son's best.

Trust your Abba Father! If the father on the earth know how to give you the very best, even more your Heavenly Father.

gbu all,


  1. i've heard it's a good movie, but i haven't watched it myself :D

  2. hahaha...kemaren itu jg karena males keluar rumah..trus akhirnya liat pilem...hahaha...


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