Thursday, January 19, 2012

Success and Journey ~

Success is not only the destination, but it is also include the journey
Likely we love to see the destination, we love to have good mark, we love to have good spouse, we love to be rich, but most of us didn't realize *though we knew it but we don't wanna realize* that it took time and we need the journey to enable us reach all of that we want.

"I want a good spouse" - so you need to be a good partner first, and it takes you to build your character.
"I want to have a good mark" - then you need to study hard first before you can get a good mark. There is a process in it. There is a journey included.
"I want to be success in work" - then there is a price to be paid in order to achieve your success.

Keep our focus into the destination, in the same time get ready to be processed in the Journey !


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