Monday, August 23, 2010

before it should be decided

In our golden time
a time when everything seems work as we want it to be
It will be easier to smile, to laugh, to be encouraged, to encourage people, to keep optimist about our future.
Everything seems soooo....perfectly fit the picture.

But there will be a time of darkness
A time when we feel very far far away from God
a time when we feel abandoned by God
a time when we feel we don't even want to talk with God
a time when the troubles all of sudden come in the same time
a time when we feel very alone though we have ALL the peoples in our inner circle
a time when we feel nothing about everything

Do you know what is Father's respond to us?
He said, you don't even need to pray in a time like that, just believe Me that my love is more than enough for you.
You will come out as a victorious winner.

I am here to lift you up to the next level. To a place where you never dream before.
To a place that much more better than you can ever imagine.

Come, and rest in My shoulder and now is the time for you to give and surrender all your yoke unto Me.

Be strong and take courage for all my dearest brothers and sisters!
His Love will never ever fail us!

Gbu ♥


  1. ruth....hehehe aku lama MIA :P seneng banget baca postsmu...trutama yg ini!!! AKu stuju banget (abis ngalami soalnya. Dan ini lg masa mendaki gunung dari lembah :P)

    thanks for posting it :D

  2. alooo bee...

    T___T hik..jadi terharu..padahal aku dah lamaaaa banget ga posting...tapi masih ada jg yang baca...

    hehehe...jiayou ya..semangat...mari mendaki gunung bersama hehehe...

    anyway, thanks for reading..(jadi bikin aku pingin ngeblog lagi) hehe...

    gbu always *hug*


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