Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy in the Valley

One time your word make me happy
Yet another time it make me not unhappy - but worry

One time your word make me feel easy
Yet another time it make me feeling uneasy.

One time I can see it clearly - more than anyone
Yet another time I really see blur only.

Isn't life is funny?
One time you can be lifted high, yet another time you can be pushed down.

But, isn't it life all about?
You will have so called "day" and "night" in your season of life.

PS: Lord... I surrender. I want to be happy through am in the valley. I am happy! as long as You are here with me...



  1. akirnya blognya diupdate :) hehe
    yes cesop...
    life is about happy and sad
    glad that i have you while going thru it :)

  2. aileeen....


    tenkiu ya nyempet2in baca n komen di tgh2 kesibukanmu hehehe...

    btw, i luv ur tumblr :D


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