Friday, January 01, 2010

mom ~ on ur day

I said "I love u" yet I hurt u so many times
I said "I miss u" yet there is none of my acts reflected it
I said "I want to lift ur burden up" yet I make it heavier even more

Mom, I have no idea how many drops of tears had been poured out because of me
Still u love me so

I cannot count how many times I had rejected u and ur love
Still u always be there when I need u most

Just being able to see u, broken my cold heart into pieces
And all I can do is crying and crying and become ur lil baby once more

Thank u for being a wonderful and strong mom

I luv u mom
Dedicate to all moms in the world.


  1. wah.. so sweet ce... :)

  2. 谢谢你。请问,你是哪里人? :)


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