Wednesday, October 18, 2006

never worried about our dreams

we should never worry that our dream or vision is too big...
because we serve a God who can do more than we can ever ask or imagine

enjoying everyday life - joyce meyer

last sunday, there was Peter Tjondro coming into my church
and he was preaching there
i was very blessed with his sermon
he said about that "si sulung dan si bungsu" story
it was a pity for that first born that he didn't know his rights as the Father's son
second, he didn't know that he has the power to do the right thing
third, he even didn't know that he has own everything his Father's

then he was said about the dreams
sometimes, we were too worried to ask to our Father
that's why He seems never answer us :)

whether it was our dreams or everything
just asking Him, He will answer
but, remember....
we have to prepare one thing
the answer wouldn't always be a "yes"
sometimes it was a "no"


yang penting
berani meminta!


gbu all,

*resiko dari berani meminta adalah siap bila permintaan itu ditolak*


  1. hahaha... yang di di antara bintang itu yang susah, ya, sof :)

    apa kabar dirimu?

  2. haha...begitulah me....

    aku agak ga bagus sih...hehe...tapi lagi berusaha gimana supaya tetep bisa stay tune with Him ...



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